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    Destroy all computers and go on a crazy witchhunt?

    Hackers arent all bad. Yes... They have bad intensions usualy, but actualy alot of progress has come from that. You cant see everywhere at once, if the first hackers started coming along now, there would be huge amounts of trouble.

    Norton wasnt a notoriously "good" antivirus. I wouldent be suprised if this wasnt the first time this has been done. Hopefully companies dont take a page out of nortons book...
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    damn novacain... we totally agree on something...

    "If nobody cheated, DRM would not be necessary. I was simply pointing out that the real crooks are elsewhere, and that much of what is under discussion here is attempts to stop them."

    and in a perfect world we wouldnt need a government or laws.................................. the only thing DRM does is hurt the honest consumer... it hasn't slowed piracy at all nor will it till that have completely taken your privacy, rights, and your computer...

    the only option the music/movies/video games/digital industries have is to evolve and stop screwing the consumer.
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    >>damn novacain... we totally agree on something...

    Its the exception that proves the rule......?
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