View Poll Results: Is it a good idea for MS to get rid of DOS support?

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  • Yes. DOS is dead. Let it go. Adios. Valde. Bye Bye.

    6 24.00%
  • No. We need it, and will need for a long time to come. Several programs still use it.

    7 28.00%
  • Microsoft should utterly DIE a HORRIBLE death for eliminating DOS support.

    11 44.00%

    1 4.00%

Thread: Who agrees with MS in this aspect?

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    when ms bought DOS
    (yes like most of bill's 'ideas' this one was bought too..)

    it was called QDOS by the company that made it
    qDOS was Quick & Dirty Operating System

    and it still is Dirty

    thats why i guess now Ms wants to wash its hands off DOS

    i feel for the dos gamers out there im one of you too

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    Okay....I have gotten Doom/Doom 2 to run smoothly in Windows XP without having to use a boot disk. You just change from soundblaster sound to PC Speaker. So basically, whether you boot to DOS or XP, you dont get soundblaster sound in Doom. Oh well....let the insanity reign...dang spiderdemons and rocketlauncher dudes....your incredibly deprived of ammo in Doom 2...ever notice that?
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