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    Quote Originally Posted by prog-bman
    <3 2u2
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    I first tried Ruby last year (even bought a book, "pickaxe"!) and thought it was ok. The heavily OO approach was the main attraction for me. Didn't really find anything to complain about. I like the super-free style layout options, like being able to leave out ';' at the end of the lines amongst other things.

    I haven't really used it for very much; just had a fiddle with it when I was looking for another language to learn. Actually I haven't used it since I last had Fedora installed.

    New years resolution: Learn a new language, preferable Simula, Smalltalk, Eiffel or Ada (properly, I started to a couple of times but...).
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    >>> Something about a not having a semicolon ending statements bothers me deeply.

    Odd isn't it. I worked with Fortran for many years, and when I was introduced to C, thought how odd it was that the compiler needed to be told where the line ended, and could not work it out for itself. Made the language appear "weak".
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    I like ";", makes the code look more complicated to beginners. hahaha
    especialy at the end of class or struct.
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