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    Old game... stars!

    Has anyone heard (or have ) this old game called "stars!"? Its space (duh) strategy game where you build up your race and learn new technologies and stuff while fighting off your enemies. The [ancient] sites links are all broken and i want the whole version. It's like 400 years old and since i cant get a copy anywhere i would call it abandonware... Anyone heard of it, know where i can get it, or actually has it on some old harddrive stashed in their closet somewhere?

    Tx all!

    Oh P.S. Its by some company called Empire...
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    I used to have a copy, but I lost my registration code on an old hard drive so the CD is probably worthless.

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    go to the following webpage:

    ps. one of the links is to empire in the uk and buying it from them is the cheapest (4.99) - though you will have to pay shipping
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    Ahh, thanks for that link. I searched around but i couldnt find a link to the stars! page anywhere... Its pretty old. Seems a bit strange paying 8 bucks (or whatever that exactly converts to in Canadian dollars) for a game. Hardly seems worth it. Too bad i dont have a credit card... Guess i'll have to write 'em a check and wait...
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    umm.... just get Space Empires III... it is awesome and fun as hell on fire.

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