Thread: I guess I've finally learn to appreciate! My rants!

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    I guess I've finally learn to appreciate! My rants!


    After medding around with C, linux, (and a little bit of sockets), I've realize that I'm always taking things for granted.

    It takes so much work to write a proper and solid application. You have to manage memories, control buffers, pointers, etc etc etc.

    It takes so much work just to send a string of text from a client to a server. You also have to "spawn" child processes to ensure the server will be able to handle clients simultaneously, etc etc..

    I've used VB6 to develop simple applications. Client/Server apps? No problem. Use vb6's winsock control. Drag and drop, type in a few lines. Viola! Making things work using VB6 is quite a fulfilling experience; When you just sit back and drool at the fancy app that you just "created". God knows how much work has window "covered" for us.

    I've developed internal web applications for a few companies 1,2 years ago using classic ASP/MSSQL & PHP/MySQL. It's simply convert business logic to scripts. Plan, script, debug, test, rollout. Viola. It works. I don't have to be too concerned about number of connections, the very low level processes, etc etc etc

    After the web development term I'm out for computing for a year.

    Playing around with C/nix/sockets is a relevation. I've been taking development for granted until I began meddling with C.

    After my current contract ends in about a year's time, I guess I need to take up a degree course to further enhance my understanding with computers?.
    If I'm able to turn back time, I would learn C as my first language.

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    you think using C/sockets/linux is a revalation? try ASM ;-)
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