Thread: I messed up - any advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sahil_m
    Ninestar, what is a bubble loop?
    I would say he's either talking about bubble sorting (with for loops) or he's talking about nested loops.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninestar
    Touche SlyMaelstrom,

    But in all honestly, that's pretty much what I done! I fumbled my way through the assignment without totally understanding what I was doing.
    I don't know about you, but if I didn't know how to write the code, I just got lucky writing random things down, I would not expect to get a good mark.

    To take the builder example again, would you want to hire a builder who didn't know hwo to build a house?

    I found it hard to understand, because I don't find it interesting, but I think I don't find it interesting because I find it hard to understand! Vicious circle if you ask me...
    I was always interested in programming, and always wanted to learn more, even before I could tell you what a variable was, and I was stuck at code like PRINT "Hello World!"

    I remember the first write a program exam I did. I completely screwed up the code, the program didn't do what it was supposed to, was horrible, etc, etc.

    However, I was able to demonstrate that I knew how to program, I could justify my inclusion of things, say how they worked, why I did it this way instead of that, so I still managed 88%

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    He was saying ''explain how this works", "what does this line do", "How would I do this" - and I just couldn't answer. My lecturer then starts accusing me of copying code as I could not explain it.
    The task that you were graded for was not to finish that one little assignment. You did that. The task was to learn enough on that subject to repeatetly produce equivalent solutions. And you failed. Miserably. You could not even explain your own one-time solution. This is not because your lecturer is strict or unfair, it's because you failed in your task.

    Imagine if you had passed. A company hiring you would expect you to be able to produce a level of quality you can not deliver. From the perspective of a company, we once had an apprentice who had absolutely no interest and no learning ability concerning computers. That's fine with me, a lot of people don't care and don't need to know about computers. But she was trying to be a software engineer. No matter how many times we taught her stuff, she had forgotten it right next day. After 18 months she could not even write a for loop. And you know what ? She passed her final school exam. I don't know how that happened, but the conclusion is that we will never ever hire someone with any grade from that school because grades from this particular school obviously mean nothing. They'd probably let a loaf of bread pass, as long as it's on time and has a pencil.

    Your lecturer was right. You messed up. Next time, learn something instead of just "doing the assignment".

    Sorry for sounding harsh, but I might be the one ending up in a team with you. And if you got your grade without being able to produce a similar result in the future, it just means unpaid overtime doing your work. All you could do would be making coffee. And I don't even like coffee.

    It's very important I pass this as my company send me to uni on day release and if I fail I will lose my job. (I am however allowed a resit on all subjects - but don't look forward to continuing with C programming resits)
    May I ask why you are doing C programming ? If you need it in your job, then you should really use it more. Look for opportunities to sharpen your skills in real life scenarios. If you can identify with the task, it's way more fun and an easier learning experience than just doing homework assignment #289.

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    > Any ideas or advice on what I can, should do or should've done?
    > I've been doing a C programming assignment for a few months now. I found C hard to contend with
    > It's very important I pass this as my company send me to uni on day release and if I fail I will lose my job.
    Seems to me you need to find another job, doing something else which isn't C programming.
    Doing a job which you do not enjoy, find difficult to do, and fear losing because of it is really going to suck big time. That's a really crappy way of spending 8 hours a day IMO. That kind of worry follows you around even when you're not at work.

    If it's a medium to large sized company, there's probably plenty of other things that you could do. If you know they move people around within the company, then perhaps talk to some managers in other areas which interest you would work, or maybe the personnel department. Being proactive now would certainly be a lot better for everyone concerned than being sacked much later on for failing at your job.

    > Sorry for sounding harsh, but I might be the one ending up in a team with you
    Been there, done that. And I would not trust them to fetch coffee!

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