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    I started programming and learning things useful to programming when I was like 12 or 13. BASIC programs, batch files, confident knowledge of the operating system, memory, file structure, etc. Did some amature C programming for awhile, primarily here.

    Now I'm interested in back-end PHP/MySQL and things like that. The coders side of web design.
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    I was 24 or 25. Somewhere around 1998. I was just learning basics of computers, like Word, Excel, what HTML was, some terminology, etc. and a guy in the IT department loaned me his Pascal programming book and a floppy disk with turbo pascal. A few months later, a friend of mine had just taken a JC course on VB programming, and he was all excited because he had written a GUI program that converted farenheit to celcius, and he convinced me to sign up for an intro to c++ course with him. He hated it because c++ wasn't programming ("This isn't the way people program nowadays, you should just be able to drag and drop and click some buttons..."), and I loved it. Got a job coding about a year later and went back to school & recently finished a CS degree.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SlyMaelstrom
    Wow, not bad... you must use the real fast method. The best I've managed was around a minute.
    I have a good lubricated cube, know almost all of the JIRI premutation algs and jasmine lee's beginner method, Thats all

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