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    Unhappy Scrollbar In Dos Window

    Im wondering if someone could tell me how you enable a scrollbar in a DOS window as I need one but can't figure out how you get it.

    Also, is there updated versions of DOS that you are able to download from somewhere?

    Thanks for any help in advance!

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    No idea of how to place scroll bars in Dos. Now if you talking about MS-DOS (which I'm willing to bet) its been dead for all tease and purposes since Dos 6.22. Hell with XP Microsoft said goodbye to the dos prompt all together.

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    Unless you have areally good graphics framework/class library, you'll have to do this manually. Creat the bars of color, buttons, and the tab. The position of the tab you would calculate with a function that calculates the ratio of lines prior, and lines to come, and convert that to a number divisible in the scroll bar (My ISCL Library (Information Storage Class Library) sounds perfect for this - contact me by email!). Then, hopefully you have an event-handler system in place. When the scrollbar is clicked, perform the appropriate action. Hope this helps.

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