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Thread: Screen Resolution

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    Screen Resolution

    Reading some mags about web pages and most say that web pages should be no more than 600 pixels wide so people with 800 x 600 resolution can view the page without having to scroll all the time. What do you think, should web pages be held back by people with only 800 x 600 resolution or should we say b*****ks and build them for people with larger resolutions?
    Or do you have 800 x 600 and think web pages should be sized to suit you?
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    Who cares about webpages...I like my desktop at 800x600. Anything above that makes the text and icons too small, and makes it feel like there is too much open space. But anything below that makes it feel like the text and icons are too big. 800x600 is perfect.
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    I usually use a 19" monitor at 1408x1056 resolution with 24+8 bit color depth. Still, I think that well-designed web-pages should be easily viewable for the large number of people that are still working with computers with a 14/15" monitor at 800x600/16. Maybe in a year or so this genarally accepted minimum will shift to 1024x786. I think we should derive this minimum from mainstream computers sold about four to five years ago. Computer enthusiasts will buy a new computer within tree years, but the life cycle of a computer is longer for most other people. For now, definitely 800x600.


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    I once made a poll like this

    I use 1280x1024, but I'm not voting anyway...


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    speaking of which... i remember when i was designing my graphics setup that i wanted the functions to be mode portable... so, with web stuff, can this be done as well? i would hope so, but a lot of what i hear is the opposite...

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    I use 1024 x 768 on my notebook and 1280 x 1024 on my PC. I think that optimizing for one size is stupid anyway. It's WINDOWS for gods sake. I can't stand these people running one app fullscreen all time. I have 5 windows open just as I write this, and only one is maximized in the background. I would hate a website I would have to view fullscreen to avoid scrolling.

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    _B-L-U-E_ Betazep's Avatar
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    I use percentages in my websites so that you can view it with any resolution.

    I prefer not writing to 640X480 but my site should be viewable at that with a little cross dragging. (just due to embeded flash, etc... the text molds to the screen whatever you use)

    I personally use 1024 X 768 or greater.

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    I use either 1280x 1024 or 1024x 768, depending on what I am doing.

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    I use 1152x864, 24 in KDE and I currently have 8 virtual desktops.

    Windows 2000 is too unstable and limited, but I use it sometimes when I'm programming in DX and Win32, or when running my cracked software, like CoolEdit, 3DSM, and other programs not available for Linux. I usually have 1152x864, with a color depth of 16 in Windows.

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    You left out 1600x1200, so I just voted for the highest.

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    wierd guy bart's Avatar
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    i got 800 * 600 on this computer, but the family one's got 1280 * 1024. but i think frames shoulb be done in %, and pics not that big

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    800 X 600
    I got addicted to this one ... i haven't tried out any other resolution so far ...

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    I use 800x600 but it has nothing do to with hardware limitations or anything. Anything smaller than 800x600 is to chunky and anything larger is too small. I agree that no app should have to run full screen inside of the Windows environment - except for DirectX games. No web page should require you to view it fullscreen.

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    ...I recall voting this before on another poll but here it is again for your enjoyment.


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    1024x768 all the way... :dejavu:

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