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    what happens with the chat?

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    On a me dit que le chat et le chien ont été tués par une grande voiture. Je suis désolé.

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    i didnt understand

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    you forgot your babel fish.

    Are you talking about the IRC channel? If so, it's still around... I think I remember seeing your nick in there... It's actually doing better than I thought it would, but I'd still like to see alot more people in there.

    I recently added a few triggers to my bot (Cherilyn) that should help streamline things a bit more.

    here's our latest userlist:
    Founder:          Major_Small;
    Administrators:   Spikey, Jonno;
    Operators:        prog-bman, jverkoey, Phospher;
    Helper-Operators: JaWib, Pianorain, alphaoide;
    Voice:            SlyMaelstrom, bithum, keldan, Xterria, BobDole, kermit, snaidis, dejin;
    Bots:             Cherilyn, Fawkes, TechMonkey, MathDiceBot, Ardin;
    fake-edit: yeah, I saw your name and you have auto-voice in the channel... the question is, what happened to you?

    or are you asking what we do in there... right now not much because there aren't many people, but we've already had some pretty good question/answer sessions...
    Join is in our Unofficial Cprog IRC channel
    Channel: #Tech

    Team Cprog Folding@Home: Team #43476
    Download it Here
    Detailed Stats Here
    More Detailed Stats
    52 Members so far, are YOU a member?
    Current team score: 1223226 (ranked 374 of 45152)

    The CBoard team is doing better than 99.16% of the other teams
    Top 5 Members: Xterria(518175), pianorain(118517), Bennet(64957), JaWiB(55610), alphaoide(44374)

    Last Updated on: Wed, 30 Aug, 2006 @ 2:30 PM EDT

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    I'm there now. Nothing happening. Bah.
    Do not make direct eye contact with me.

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    Out of scope
    Too early. I'll be there later as will most of the regulars.
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