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    DVD Video Cable

    My new DVD Player came with a red/white cable and a yellow cable, all looked pretty crappy quality.

    I used a toslink digital output cable for my audio and had a spare gold plated red/white cable laying around so I decided to use half of that to connect my dvd's video to my receiver (better than the crappy yellow one right? well....wrong)

    The "better" gold plated cable gave diagonal wavy lines, suddle, but they were there [I notice the small stuff], however the yellow cable didn't give me this problem.

    What's the deal with that? Are some of those cables that look EXACTLY the same only meant to carry audio?

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    red and white is audio, yellow is video

    get svideo

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    If you want the best quality (considering your TV is HDTV) then check if your DVD player can use component cables. Because they are the best, great picture. I believe the component is like 5 or 6 cables. I know this doesnt answer your question, or you probably knew this. But w/e.......

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    Yes, those wires aren't just plain ole wires with gold on the end. They have difference resistences and other electronic specifics.

    One is specifically designed to make incorporating into video better, and the other audio.

    So yes, the $2 video cable will be better for video than a $30 audio cable.
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    There are $30 video cables that provide a better picture, though.
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    Better yet, ditch your current DVD player and buy a superior European one, before witnessing the simplicity and quality of the SCART cable with RGB output, comrade!

    EDIT: You'll probably need a superior European TV too, but hey, it's quality...
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