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    I would like to know whether there are possibilities for achieving
    multi-tasking in DOS.Is there a need to make DOS support 32-bit
    to support multi-tasking?
    pl,if anyone has some core idea,reply me as I am in an urgent need.
    Thank you everybody.

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    No way. The Dos prompt can only accept one operation.

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    Yes you can multi-task in DOS. It is not hard, but you should understand assembly language and all about segments, and the DOS interrupt used to load/run a program into memory. Multitasking is not hard in an environment where each program knows about one another. Note that if you are in a DOS shell and you try to multi-task you may not get the results you expect. Pure DOS is your best bet. For more info on multi-tasking in DOS check out Randall Hyde's art of assembly language programming on a search engine. He discusses the idea in his AoA book. You'll need Adobe Acrobat to read the book.

    To explain it here would take a while so I'm just going to refer you to Randall's site. Don't remember the URL.

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