hi there,
do anyone know between the cgi-lib.pl and cgi-lib.pm which one is better for the perl library. Please advice.

And, do anyone have the site that can download the cgi-lib.pl? cos i have try so many time downlaod it from the http://cgi-lib.berkeley.edu but cannot do anything at all.

I am currently running the perl in the windows platform. i use apache 1.3.22. i have write some of the code and then run in the apache directory, the html which links the perl are working ok, but when i run the perl then it only display code that i write rather the perl execute the instruction. i found out there might be the code ' require "httpd_1.4.2/cgi-bin/cgi-lib.pl"; ' cause the prob.
For now, how can i make the perl to run in windows platform. Could anybody pls tell me where i make mistake/wrong and how i correct it. please help.