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    Wow, you're an ass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Govtcheez
    Wow, you're an ass.
    No, I used to be

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    Here's mine for tonight: took 8 shots of vodka then made my roomate drive to our football game where I lost my voice screaming at tulane saying that the hurricane something or other and then watched our team kick their ass, and now UCF is #1 in C-USA after holding the longest losing streak in NCAA history. That is the story.

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    An edit to my original story. I probably didn't remember this part from trying to repress the memory, but I also woke up in a soaked bed, with my urine.

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    Started out with half of one ofthese

    and then blacking out for about 5 hours before going home an passing out.
    I was hung over to the point where I passed out on the lawn at school for a few hours the next day.

    During those 5 hours, I bought cigarette, bit my friend ex on her left breast, bit my other friend on the thigh, and showed up to my work completly smashed, even though i wasn't working..

    Some good one back when i worked for McDs, Drinking + a deep fryer = fun.
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    drinking? what's that?
    coffee only here..for last 20 years.

    though I do remember going out to a new years party, travelling to two other parties over the night..then getting out of the car at home...apparently, I passed out, the driver got lost, woke me up and I gave her perfect directions to my place.
    next day showed up at work, still smashed.
    performed so well the boss wanted me to show up in that state every day. ~l~
    told him I would need a 400% raise to be able to afford it.

    was at a dance ( ballroom dancing ) got into an arguement while on the way to a club afterwards.. Dave and I were arguing over who was going to have who's babies.. Gail told us to shut up, she would have both of our babies. [ purpose of arguement achieved ]
    [ no, none of us were drinking that night ]

    5 years ago, walking down granville street talking to the wife on cell phone, a girl stopped me on the road ( 1:30 pm ) to ask me to flog her right then and there.
    actually shut my wife up, cause no-one ever gets asked to beat a woman in public, by the woman.
    [ again, no drinking needed ]

    sitting at local coffee shop with friends, we got a line up of people hugging a tree in turn, so we could hit them with a rubber strap. [ 2:30 am, and the linup were all drunk ]

    went to fetish fashion show, made a flogger during the show, then went into the playspace.
    spent the next 2 hours flogging one friends back.. when we finished we realised that the curtain had been taken down and everyone was watching us play, completely awestruck. had 4 other women demand i beat them right afterwards.
    [ gotta love kinky women huh? ]
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    This didn't disearve a new thread, but I'm sure this guy was drunk when he got this tattoo.

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    this is quick ( i m gonna post this in the time my boyfriend is checking his Spanish review ) He is learning spanish for me ) My drunken story begings here, it was in the house of a friend, well we went outside the house to sing outside , they hid the keys of my car and one of my best friends was sleeping inside the car, she needed to go to the bathroom but the door was locked so she ended up sleeping in my car, I went really late to my house for that horrible practical joke, damn I had to deliver my friend to her house and be at home with my parents very upset with me. And yes I wanted to kill the friend who hid my keys and I have never again gotten drunk since then.
    Have I crossed the line?

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    I bet this guy has some drinking stories to share:

    (Animated GIF, 1.9MB)

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    7 shots of yager
    "She was in the bedroom with another guy, and I don't really wanna know..."

    Good song.

    Well let's all hear the Mormon tell his drinking story. One time I was at a party, and after we watched Aladdin, a bunch of us decided to have chugging contests. So we filled up a bunch of jars with water and started in. This one guy walked in from the room next door, and decided to join us, not knowing the we had put a jar of vinegar on the side just in case the opportunity to use it on someone else arose, and it did...

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    Well, I don't like beer. So I'll drink the 5% Mike's and Smirnoff cooler style drinks. I'll have a couple, then start aimlessly mixing 40% vodka into them, or start having unmeasured screwdrivers. I also like Blackberry Brandy + Mountain Dew. Straight Kahlua seems to be good as long as I don't drink anything else, but if I so much as have 2-3 mikes and take one shot of Kahlua, that stuff talks to me for a good hour or two. I thought the cremed drinks were good at first but now I just can't stand them. Vodka and Mike's is for me.

    Once the room starts spinning I'll slow down, and when the spinning slows down, I'll pick back up. I get really tipsy, social and stupid(in a funny way).

    I don't have any weird memories of drinking cause I don't drink to the point of getting messed up really bad. To many screwdrivers one night made me throw up a tiny little bit and that was it.

    I tweaked a girls nipples once when she told me her niiples were hard.(my g/f didn't like that)
    The world is waiting. I must leave you now.

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    Mine are fairly boring
    Half a 1/5 of vodka later I was swimming in some rose bushes.

    Another time it was half a 1/5 of jeiger and I don't remember that night much... all I remember is waking up at around 4 am next to my g/f at the time with her hand down my underwear so I made sure it was actually my g/f and sighed in relief then went back to sleep.

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    >so I made sure it was actually my g/f and sighed in relief then went back to sleep.

    You should have woke her up and made her finish the job.

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    Yeah, I'm on a similar level to Sean...

    My drinking stories?

    I had a sip of Pepsi the other day and was totally smashed for the rest of the day.

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    Pssh Mormons

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