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    Angry Simple but yet....ARG!!

    Im trying to make some HTML tutorials on my site, and i need to know how to write scripts but not for them to

    <B>Bold</B> and not have the <B> and </B> not to actually make the text bold! please help me

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    Did you tried this "<B>Bold </B>" ?
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    I think...from memory (might be wrong) but you can put < in a html doc with "& l t" and > with "& g t" in Greater Than and Less Than.....

    If I'm right....... "& l t" "& g t" will give "<" ">"....

    .....try it....I cant test it right now

    <edit> seems to work as when I posted it it turned them to < and >....just remove the spaces</edit>
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    there are the <code> and </code>
    tags but i dont know if they operate on html code
    could you not nest them?

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