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    1) Whoever says that more than 10 hours is too much driving: I drive from Wisconsin to Mississippi at least twice a year. 13 1/2 hours no problemo.(with plenty of sleep)
    There is a big difference between driving one day for 13 hours then driving for 13 hours / day for 6 days.

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    Watch out for hitchhiking kangaroos.....

    Aust research shows ~1% of collisions invlove an animal or swerving to avoid it.
    33% of these are kangaroos.
    Worst possible scenario is that the roo is jumping when you hit the it, the roo hits the bonnet and slides thru the windscreen into the front seat with you.
    This has a tendency to annoy them.

    Then they eat all your snacks and change the CD....
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    Let me get this straight...
    You are taking a 5000+ mile road trip to see the western side of the US, yet you are stopping about 150 miles short of Las Vegas???

    P.S. The only spot you might hit some snow is just outside of Albuquerque. Good luck, and have fun.

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    ober: ok BARELY see it

    thantos: your right... I shouldnt be discouraging safe habits anyways

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