Thread: What's the best memory (RAM) type?

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    Forget name brand -- generic RAM has improved GREATLY in the past decade, and nowadays, RAM is not nearly as likely to fail as it used to be. When it does fail, it can be hard to diagnose, but is unlikely to result in loss of data, especially if you take care to backup important data regularly.

    And heck, if your generic dies, it costs practically nothing to replace. I've gotten 8+ years out of generic RAM before, and as RAM gets more and more reliable as time progresses, stuff you buy now will probably last longer than your desire to keep it.

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    Yeah. Just get the CompUSA stuff..It's REALLY cheap sometimes. I got 256 mb chip for 30 when it was 60 retail...Although that was when 256 was more expensive..
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    >last longer than your desire to keep it.

    fortunately [for me] most computer parts do... [and being a DOS freak i do have an 'outdated' system, as a lot of you might call it...]
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