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    Just do the followig to be perfect:
    First question pick option 2.
    Second question pick option 1.
    Third question pick option 3.
    Fourth question pick option 4.
    Fifth question pick option 2.
    Sixth question pick option 1.
    Seventh question pick option 1.
    Eight question pick option 7.
    Ninth question pick option 5.
    Tenth question pick option 6.

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    Well its just a matter of looking at the source and looking at his JavaScript. The whole thing is pretty biased but is amusing. Thantos, from my instructions you didn't get angelic. You get pure evil, because every option I listed adds to the pureevil variable.
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    I got pure evil.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thantos
    Probably because they didn't have an "annoying pest" category for you akluka
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    Quote Originally Posted by ober
    *sigh*... if only it weren't so true.

    /me is glad my wife doesn't read this.
    Me too...I feel your pain.
    If I did your homework for you, then you might pass your class without learning how to write a program like this. Then you might graduate and get your degree without learning how to write a program like this. You might become a professional programmer without knowing how to write a program like this. Someday you might work on a project with me without knowing how to write a program like this. Then I would have to do you serious bodily harm. - Jack Klein

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