Thread: what are your thoughts on visual basic?

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    When I'm coding anything with COM (usually testing an activeX object I've written, or automating another program), I often use VB to prototype the app before I code it properly in C++.

    I dont like the language that much...and I always end up hitting a brick wall when I try to do something a bit out-of-the-ordinary.

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    Visual Basic is very useful for making applications in a hurry. Especially the ones that needs database access.

    And also i really hate when people thinks that people who code their GUI is far better than those who works with drag and drop. They say theyre kids. Hey programming is supposed to be problem solving. Did you solve anything by writing your GUI? You suck if you think that way. Thats why i love making my program without GUI(console). Writing GUI code is messy. Doesnt Make my brains work and it looks stupid.

    Visual Basic is not bad at all if you dont mind.

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