Thread: so my friend thinks im a geek because im into c++

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    Quote Originally Posted by sethjackson
    You are kidding right? Anyways about being called a geek
    that has happened to me before. Probably because I have the OpenGL Red Book (OpenGL 1.4) Programming Windows 5th edition, and The Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking, and until I gave it to a friend (probably should have kept it duh...) I did have a C++ college text book. BTW If you think that is bad I'm only 15.
    give it time.
    My bookcase has nothing but programming and tech manuals.
    all focussed on linux.
    full bookcase.

    no-one ever calls me a geek to my face.
    ( the whips and chains hanging from ceiling might intimidate them )
    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Henager
    If the average user can put a CD in and boot the system and follow the prompts, he can install and use Linux. If he can't do that simple task, he doesn't need to be around technology.

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    You are kidding right?
    what...i googled for 'porn' under image search and i got to this do i get to a different webpage? THE INTERNET SUCKS
    I'm not immature, I'm refined in the opposite direction.

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    Well there was that one time we had that prognography forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobMcGee123
    what...i googled for 'porn' under image search
    If it was an image search, couldn't you see that it wasn't porn?
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    You are posting on a forum for programing and you are not sure if you are a geek or not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thantos
    I got mine from ... I wanna get another one, or maybe one of the other techie shirts, once I have some money

    See also the Jargon File entry on "Geek":

    Personally I consider geek a comjpliment. I would be annoyed if someone called me a nerd - to me you have to hav poor fashion sense and be somewhat bad at - not simply choosing to focus on other things - social interaction. Geek, however, to me at least, does not mean you're bad at social interaction; it means you have other priorities.

    I also think it's impossible to like programming and not be a geek, at least to some extent - note how I say "like programming". You *can* be a professional programmer without really *liking* programming, and if you dislike it you're less likely to be a geek, unless you like something else like physics or math or something - you can be a physics geek or a math geek just like you can be a computer geek.

    Two final links about geeks are listed in my sig (err.. I think, I'll add them in an edit if they aren't), around the part about my Geek Code (which I often attach to my emails as well)
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    I've got a good 30 programming books very prominently on display in my room...
    All the buzzt!

    "There is not now, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be, any programming language in which it is the least bit difficult to write bad code."
    - Flon's Law

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    friend: whats c++?
    me: its a computer programming language, which when I've learnt it will enable me to get a pretty well paid job rather than a lifetime of menial burger flipping and road sweeping which you're destined for.

    Or at least if you come across them in the future, perhaps you could remind them.
    If you dance barefoot on the broken glass of undefined behaviour, you've got to expect the occasional cut.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thantos
    I am a geek and am proud of it. In fact I have a shirt that says "Geek." and I wear it often.
    There needs to be a mandatory "How to not dress like a loser" class in CS curricula.

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    If it was an image search, couldn't you see that it wasn't porn?
    He was looking for stovellp's avatar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Govtcheez
    There needs to be a mandatory "How to not dress like a loser" class in CS curricula.
    Good thing I'm not a CS major then.

    BTW don't make me cut you

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    Grow some balls and punch him in the face.

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    I do that and its all over. But small cuts all over the body would hurt a lot more and just make him wish for death's release

    Either that or I could cut his heart out with a spoon

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    Hey, let's not go that route, kthxbai.
    EntropySink. You know you have to click it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highland Laddie
    Yeah, you tend to get that, or "YO OMG U MUST BE 1337 H4X0R"

    And that's why I don't openly preach that I'm a programmer...
    Funnily enough I get that kind of attitude from my collegues in Computing labs and it really me off. It's just one of those attention things I don't like and it leads to everyone copying my work (especially coursework) and it's not entirely the fact they copy that me off, it's the fact that they'll get nowhere when I'm not there etc.

    Our lecturer(s) are completly oblivious to the fact this happens in classes so my collegues give off the impression they know (sometimes a lot) more than they really do know. I mean it's OK for us to go into complexities in programming labs if we're capable (their beginners lessions that I have to take thru the course whether or not I know what I'm talking about, the lecturer generally ignores me).

    Today was a good example, a simple program to introduce the others in my lecture to arrays. We had to write procedures (oh yeah, we have to use Pascal in my college ) which search, sort and initialise an array. No problem then. So I decide I want my program to be able to tell when the data being searched for is not found and report this to the user. After a bit of fiddling I get this working, and everyone over my left should has copied it word for word.

    I mean there are exceptions to this copying, and I don't mind helping others in my lectures either; the guy who always sits on my right very rarely copies me (or he just asks me to explain how my program solves the problem then he does it himself).

    In a way I do 'care' for my collegues as far as they'll be ........ed if they can't copy.

    Yes, yes, this is blabber which sounds like I'm blowing my own horn (well I am, but trying not to be cocky about it) but I thought I'd share this with you.
    Good class architecture is not like a Swiss Army Knife; it should be more like a well balanced throwing knife.

    - Mike McShaffry

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