Thread: Slightly Disoriented.

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    Slightly Disoriented.

    I was reading some post by dxFoo about getting a job at Microsoft. It turned into a flamewar, but I kept reading. I clicked the "page 2" button, and got "You do not have permission to view this..." I go back, and I can't find the thread, anywhere (it was at the top of General Discussion I think). Was I seeing things? I can't even locate it through search.
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    There's a sticky thread at the top of the forum for reporting things like this. If I remember correctly, a very similar (if not identical) bug was recently reported - so you're not the only one experiencing the problem, and it's being worked on. I don't believe there is a second page.

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    There was a second page, but it seems as if the thread got deleted, too bad since it was just getting funny with Govtcheez leading the funny-frenzy .

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