Thread: help with assembly language (assembler)

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    Angry help with assembly language (assembler)

    i would like to know if anyone here on this board is good at assembler. thanks

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    what may you need help with?

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    Well, I'd say I know a bit about assembler. Good? In my humble opinion I think I am, but......we'll see.

    For info on assembly look up Randall Hyde's art of assembly language programming on Download the AoA for DOS real mode programming. Do not look at the HLA stuff yet as it will only serve to confuse you. His book is in PDF format so you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available everywhere. Chances are if you have any classics games from Electronic Arts installed, you already have the reader as most of their manuals are in electronic form and use the PDF format.

    That book is great. It teaches a lot about machine archtecture, circuit design (flip flops, etc), program logic, CPUs and how they work, memory, TSRs, overlays, multi-tasking, and just about everything else you'll ever need.

    Get the download. It will never leave your hard drive.

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