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    Unhappy Linux problem

    Hello. I am new to linux. I have downloaded Suse Linux 9.1 LiveEval. Until then I had the same but 8.1 and it worked. Now I tryied this one. There has been a kernel loading and then it has showed me the screen, where the start-up stuff is shown. When it come to PCICMA (or something like that, I think it was PCICMA), it has just stopped working. I have been waiting for approximately two minutes and then I have restarted my computer. I tryied again but with the same result. Don't you know why is it like that or how could I solve this problem? Thank you.

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    Do you mean PCMCIA?
    Anyway why 9.1? I thought they were up to a 9.3 release...


    If it's not a laptop, as far as I know it shouldn't need PCMCIA modules.
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    Yes I mean PCMCIA and i is not laptop. It has just written "PCMCIA ..." and did nothing else. I haven't written that I have got Windows XP (maybe that's the problem?). And I wanted to ask what is that "PCMCIA"? Thank you.

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    PCMIA is a type of card for laptops. (At least, I've only ever seen it on laptops.)

    Is your computer a laptop?

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    >and i is not laptop

    That's all I could understand from that jibberish

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    pcmcia is the cardbus.
    and is used instead of scsi for hotplug support in the kernel.

    suse, uses scsi.
    it shouldn't be loading pcmcia.

    ( suse locks on loading the adaptec scsi interface to load the kernel for me. )

    if you have a usb card reader device, that is the pcmcia device it's loading. pull it out, boot with option to go to runlevel 1.
    edit the initab to remove the call for pcmcia
    ( file is init.rd usually )

    save edited file.

    command line editor:
    vi --[filename]
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