Thread: Quazh Salem, or whoever it was?

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    Quazh Salem, or whoever it was?

    Whoever it was you guy's still do those sig maze things, where
    you wanted it less then 500 so fit in your comment?
    was wondering what yall ever came up with i was very
    interested in that code?

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    yea i looked that major, did you , it just seesm to end abrutply,
    doesnt say who won. and why quazh doesnt use it as his
    sig anymore?

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    The second page says who won, sadly it twas not me

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    I had the contest open for a while, and then it ended. That's what contests do, they end. I also change my sig around a lot, so that's why it isn't there any more. That and I kept getting people messaging me asking what it did...

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