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    Share with us!

    Ok im starting this thread for the beinfit of everyone.

    i think alot of us know a subject in terms of programming
    very well, and i think that if we would share just one
    of these things that we know about a particular subject
    that we will all be smarter as a group and help people

    so if someone would like to start off on a topic,
    you can start by telling us what it is, what its use for,
    a example on how to use it, and how it works.

    thanks to all who help make this a useful thread.

    i decided to open this in general thread, even though
    it apply's to programming directly, because more then one
    language may be covered here, and it may not fall into a
    specific group such as networking / win32 / linux / game / etc.
    so please post anything to increase are knowledge.
    anything useful you have come across.

    and please please, dont give someone that post on this thread
    to much crap, if they made a mistake, or done something
    you dont think to be good practing point it out, with a correct
    correction politly, so the thread will move in a positive direction.
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    well, you could always write and send an article to the webmaster about a topic you feel particularly comfortable with and he will (most likely) post it on the main cprog page for everyone to see, not only the cboard members.

    some entropy with that sink?

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    I guess axon's idea sort of messed up the idea of making ths a usefull thread, huh ILoveVectors?

    Anyhow, everything starts somewhere...

    I thought this might be usefull:

    HWND TimeEdit; // Edit box that number is inputted
    int num; // Maximum digits in number
    char TransStart[num]; // Numer that is inputed in editbox
    int Countdown ; // Resualt number transalation
    GetWindowText(TimeEdit, TransStart, num);
    int Do;
    for(Countdown = 0, Do = 0; Do < num; Do++){
    if(TransStart[Do + 1] == '\0'){
    Countdown = Countdown + TransStart[Do] - '\x30';
    Do = 100; }
    Countdown = Countdown + TransStart[Do] - '\x30';
    Countdown = Countdown * 10; } }
    It converts a number in character format into int number format.

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    This might be of interest.
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    >i think that if we would share just one
    >of these things that we know about a particular subject
    >that we will all be smarter as a group and help people
    Some of us have web sites with tutorials for just this purpose.
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    good time to post them again then huh

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