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Thread: *** pointer madness revisited

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    Exclamation *** pointer madness revisited

    let's see the civil war
    Two strings walk into a bar. The first one says, 'Bartender! Bartender! I want a drink!'. The second one says, 'Bartender! Bartender! I want a drink too! Blaaaaaaaaah eeeeeeeek yaaaaaaak oooooooh'. The first one says, 'Please excuse my friend. He isn't null term--'.

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    generally, I declare one variable/line, so I declare them like:
    but if I'm listing on line line,
    type *var,var,var,*var,var;
    and in that line I point out why the other two cases are just wrong.

    for the people that want to get into it (I don't): you're not declaring a type of pointer, you're declaring a pointer to a type. the "var" in your example is the pointer, so it should get the '*'. giving the '*' to the type makes it look like you're trying to say that the type is a pointer to a type, when what you really mean to say is that it's a pointer to a type.

    and civil wars aren't civil:
    int main()
    	int a,*b,**c,***d,****e;
    	return 0;
    yeah, I don't know what that had to do with anything, either.
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    This was just done - this is pointless.
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