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    Programming feels like...

    Programming to me feels like a guessing game. Since there are so many things to take into consideration when making a program(and i'm relatively new to programming)I always find myself getting confused over how to attack the program. I just started to learn about classes, which confuses me more, now that I can use that, instead of some other half baked idea.I mean, I understand it, but don't know when to use that over something else. So what I am trying to say is that, how do you know which things to use? Is it just trial and error? Or am I dumb????????
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    The answer is time, It takes time to discover what you feel is the best tool for attacking a problem, you find out whats good to use from just being experienced, I know EXACTLY how you feel. Three years ago I went crazy over the idea of why would I need pointers instead of global variables!!! C++ theres more of one way of dong things..some simpler than others, and some only better than others by preference...Your best bet is to start by making simple instead of learning classes right now, focus more on using structures...structures will help you understand the need for classes (if any). Just keep at it, programming is like climbing a ladder...there may be a quite a few steps to take, but you're always going up.

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    I've been programming for 8+ years in VB, VB.NET, ASP, PHP, others I'm forgetting, and I'm now trying to pick up C++ for personal interest. With that in mind...

    When I create a new program, I do a few things;
    1.) Grab all of the common functions I've created over the years such as parsing SQL text, getting pc username, and security login processing.
    2.) Grab common classes...encryption classes, send auto email class, etc.
    3.) I have built a common program template that has the two areas listed above, plus all the common GUI stuff like a login form(with code), database connection modules, MDI form, About form, etc.

    By doing this, I'm not re-creating the wheel. I'm starting with a stock wheel of my own design and then it's off build the guts of the program that's specific for my need.

    Regarding classes, properties, functions, and what not, use what you know and then slow add the new stuff into the mix. First, though, concentrate on writing structured code with logical names like intClientAge instead of var1. Next, add comments to your code as to exactly what you are doing for areas like db connectivity.

    I will give you this tip. There will be times when you have to create code that looks like crap but functions exactly as it needs. Document that code. What will/does happen is you'll revisit that code months later and think "that looks like crap, I'll optimize it." The program will bomb because you needed that screwy code. When in doubt, document.

    And everything boomba said.

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    Programming feels like a haemarrhoid.

    Oooh, gotta tweak that, right there... aaaaaahh! Nope, that's just made it more uncomfortable. I know! Let's just stick this up there... yyeeeeeeeee-ahhh. Bugger, now it's bleeding...

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    The only flaw I see with your line of thinking is you seem to assume there is a 'proper' way of doing things. You suggest programming is similar to a guessing game in which some absolute correct answer exists. In reality, programming is more like a debate in which you take into account all of the different 'opinions' (which are analagous to each method of implementing something) and based on your experience you develop a final solution.
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    >Programming to me feels like a guessing game.
    Close! Programming is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, where you shape the pieces yourself. When you start a puzzle, it feels like you'll never finish, but as you put together a few pieces and begin to see the picture they create, it gets easier. As you practice more, you get better at picking out the first few pieces to start with.

    >how do you know which things to use?
    Experience. It's hard at first, but as you gain experience you'll "just know" what to use and how to use it when trying to solve a problem.

    >Is it just trial and error?
    At first, yes. In the end, all we're doing is guessing. It's just that some of us have learned to make better guesses over the years.

    >Or am I dumb????????
    You're smart enough to start programming, so being dumb isn't the problem.
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    If you feel this way about programming, quit C and C++ and go have fun and chill out with something like Scheme or Lisp or Python or Perl or Ruby or Io or something for a while.

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    >>If you feel this way about programming, quit C and C++

    Hmm.... That would be very bad. Seeing as how I have nothing else better to do. If I did quit I would probably resort to illegal things. So I would say it's best that I stick to programming.
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