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    how do you feel...

    how do you feel about the tv show Over There

    ive heard alot of people say it discust them
    and it shouldnt be show on tv, because if people
    see how it is over there, that it could turn this war
    into another vietnam.

    as for me i think the show is great, and even if
    it was the actual situation it doesnt change my view
    of the war.

    As a side not what do you think about
    Penn and Teller Bull........ on showtime?
    (i think its a very good show to)

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    I don't like the show. It is innacurate and is only trying to turn this war into another vietnam. What they show is disgusting, not at the content but that anyone would believe that is what day to day life is like.

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    yea i dont nessassarily believe that its like that for everyone
    all the time, i think they jsut try to show alot of situation that
    could of occurred at a point in time. but i dont think this show
    should effect anyoen when it comes to the actual war.

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    I don't think it'll really affect anyone's opinion, I just think it's tasteless. It's actually happening in Iraq and people die there, and it doesn't seem very nice to make a TV show mimicking it when soldiers and others are getting hurt, for real, not just under cameras and lights.

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    I haven't seen it, but I don't think you can make a realistic show about something that isn't even over yet. People did not have the time to reflect. Do you know a good Vietnam movie from the 60s-70s ? Do you know a good WWII movie from the 40-50s ?

    I have never been in any war. Not even in the military. Plus I have not seen any episodes of this. But I have been in school as everybody else and my grandma watched those school drama series. Jeez, if school were as depicted there, with people dying right and left, I would have been out of classmates by February. But there were no pregnant teenagers ( well, yes, two out of 500 who were 19 at that time, go figure ), no gang shootouts, no bullies threatening teachers and I only heard rumors of a single lawsuit in 13 years. No one lost vital body parts in phys ed either and no one ever brought explosives or guns. The worst thing that could happen was probably falling asleep at your desk. Lesson ? Don't expect to see anything "real" on TV. If you want to know, ask someone who was there. Expect some good movies 10-30 years from now.

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    > Do you know a good WWII movie from the 40-50s ?

    Plenty, but not ones that I'd call accurate

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