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    Hmm... Depends on what semi-professional really means. The goal is very ambitious to say the least, but with focus, you can certainly be fairly decent in that amount of time.

    Going from C to C++, note that one major difference is that a well designed C program rarely looks like a well designed C++ program (assuming a non-trivial program), so don't merely add on some extra syntax to your knowledge of C.

    That said, good luck.
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    Don't forget to learn Lisp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zach L.
    Only after we discuss the impending return of COBOL.
    heh, I just finished my COBOL modules this year. Then I went out the back and burnt all my books.

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    Then learn Smalltalk.
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    If you want semi-professional, you might check this site out:

    The best way to learn a language fast is to simply take a course at a community college. It isn't that much either - maybe $300 to 400 depending on the college. I know my local one has a current tuition of $65 per credit but when I took VB .NET there, it was only $40 per credit. Boy prices go up don't they?

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    whats "Ruby" ?

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    3 months is very ambitious indeed unless you have a lot of other coding experience behind you. While learning a language at school is definately a good thing, to become pro or semi-pro I really believe you must extend yourself beyond that.

    There are many things that will never follow the course material, and you must be willing to extend yourself into other areas of thought to get things done. I have often found, once you leave the basic skill level courses behind there is a tendency to be rigid in the system. I've found too often in my own job where you need some real difference strategies to follow. Mind you, I am not advocating that you ignore the standards or very good rules you've learned but you need to extend yourself.

    In any event, I don't think C/C++ in the near future will ever be "impractical", its already survived 30+ years in the comp industry, so it should be ok.

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    whats "Ruby" ?
    It's a scripting language - quite powerful, I like it.

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    Personally, 3 months to semi professional isn't impossible IMHO. Once you've gotten really good in one language, others can come naturally. Having done VB,Python, and Java all of my life, I became "fluent" (OpenGL, BSP Trees, collision detection, mostly game programming related) in about two weeks. Now I can do just about anything I want to in C++ (within reasonable limits). If you are already a long time programmer, 3 months is not impossible.
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