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    Question Site For Sounds?


    I was wondering if anyone knew a good, large sound effects site? Every now and then I find that I need a good sound to indicate an action in my apps, and it'd always be useful for making games.

    Admittedly FX CDs are worth a pretty penny to the studios that produce them, but the problem is that I'm always looking for one particular sound that I've heard somewhere, but they never have it!

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    Can you be more specific? Such as like which type of format? What quality, 8 bit or 16 bit? And when you say FX do you mean like, glass breaking or footsteps?
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    This place is good:

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    I would suggest going here
    It allows you to choose different sound formats, and qualities, it should be what your looking for.

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    Sonomic has hundreds of sound effects. One problem I've noticed is that some of them have some type of distortion or sound problems - however, not all of them suffer from this.

    It seems as though Sonomic has used a low quality compression which might cause the warbling and 'computerized' glitching sounds within some of the samples. Sort of like a very low quality mp3.

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    If you ever need high quality recordings of real sirens, try one of my websites,
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