Thread: So you think you can learn C or C++ in 21 days?

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    So you think you can learn C or C++ in 21 days?
    Sure you might be able to tell the difference between C and a hole in the ground in 21 days, but it's going to take a whole lot more to be actually any good at it.
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    A good read, and makes a lot of good points too. I've always found I get more out of doing things myself than reading from a textbook or just copying things from somewhere.

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    Yeah I can't learn anything without actually trying it myself or at very least seeing someone else do it first.
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    yeah he is quite right programming is not something you learn over a week or month not even a year...
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    Yeah... a lot of people are hurried--in a lot of things.
    This is one I find a bit scary:
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    Good read. Makes me feel better about taking more than 21 days to learn what I know about C.

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    I believe you can learn C/C++ in 21 days if you put in 10 hours of programming in each day. Exploring Google and creating your own programs along the way would help pound the concepts in. Also asking people for help when you're in deep trouble helps with code formating, and keeping bad code practices out. Though the consistency is difficult, so you'd be pretty freakin' awesome if you could do all of that for 10 hours a day, for 21 days! I'm still in the process and my consistency is *makes fart noises* , so good luck!

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    >>I believe you can learn C/C++ in 21 days if you put in 10 hours of programming in each day


    I've just passed the 10 year mark (in programming; more like 7 in C++) and I'm still learning something new almost daily. That 10 year mark does seem to bring a certain degree of leveling off to the learning curve, oddly enough. Enough respect cannot be paid to experience when setting out to learn anything. I'd say its really only the start of the real learning when you learn how little you really know.
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    they should be titled "an introduction to an introduction of c/c++ in 21 days"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Fitlike
    I'm fairly confident this has something to do with void main but that might just be because of the leaky water distribution system in the UK.
    LOL :]

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