Thread: cool salad thread

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    cool salad thread

    im sitting here eating a salad, and i dont know why
    because i dont normally eat salad, but
    my point is i realized ic oudl make a pointless post about
    it. with that said what your favorite kind of salad
    dressing, because this kind is amazing :

    KRAFT Special Collection Sun Dried Tomato Dressing

    If you eat salad then youve got to try this dressing!!

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    Russian salad, thats probably not the right name but idc..

    its made of milk, mayo, pickles, boiled potatoes, some kind of salamy/meat.. thats all i know about it, my mom usualy makes it,

    my 2nd favorite is "snejanka"(the bulgarian name for the salad, dont know the american for it) its made of mayo milk and pickles.

    BTW i dont care about salads, i dont usualy eat salads.
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    cool very interesting,
    i dont much care for pickles though.

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