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    Question Help (programming in dbase 3 & C)


    I don't know if anyone can help but I was given a project to find an issue in a very very old (DOS) application that 1/2 of our users still use. This app was developed using files that end with .prg and .c extentions. I have been told to use Clipper 5.2 to debug and then Clipper "summer '87" to do the actual compile/linking. I have never heard of this before and do not know how to manual compile/link or debug. (I usually code in VB 6.0)

    My question is: Does anyone have any idea of any software that is newer but can import this older code into something newer that can compile and debug non-manually? Or if someone knows of any websites that can help me to learn this older code process?

    Anything would be helpful.


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    you mean this clipper 5.2?
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    yes, that clipper

    Sample from the .prg code:

    *  First load data into "input" arrays in Local Currency
    qorg(prodobj, th_pgn() )
    if !hasdata(prodobj)
       * no data!
       if Excflag > 3                                && force fail of exc. condition
          Prodok= .f.                                && for products w/o data
       return                                        && ABORT PROCESSING
    Sample from the .c code:

    void calc_pvar(DFAORG * dfa)
    /*     -------------------------------------------------------------
    	performs price variance calculations upon DFA org;
    	assumes logical checks have already been performed.
           -------------------------------------------------------------     */
       double year_sales = 0.000;
       double year_units = 0.000;
       double benchprice;
       double unit_variance;
       double variance;
       register int i;
       double * sales;          /* pointer to appropriate array */
       double * base_sales;     /* pointer to appropriate array */
       int need_conversion;
       /* point to appropriate arrays for calculations */
       if ( HI_INFLATION && (dfa->currency == 'D')  )
    	sales = Usd.sales_at_base;
    	base_sales = Usd.base_sales;
    	sales = dfa->sales;
    	base_sales = dfa->base_sales;
       need_conversion = (  (dfa->currency == 'D') && LO_INFLATION  );
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