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    Amaya web browser

    Has anyone ever tryed the Amaya web browser? Is it any good? I'd like to try it, but my connection is slow. The download is large (by my standards) and I'd like to know how it works before I get it.

    I want it to test my web pages, before anyone asks.

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    Amaya is very simple, and probably not the best choice for browsing. But since it supports stricly standard coding it is a good tool for web development, and aimed at that kind of use. I doubt it implements full support for css 1, 2, 3, which requires some hardcore planning, programming, testing.

    If you're interested in a browser, not only editor, and if 6mb are big, probably 3.5mb from Opera or 4.7mb from Firefox aren't much. These two conform very well to standards. But these are browsers, not editors (probably you already know them).
    If you have a slow connection, Opera will be better because it downloads a page and renders it with a default css while the real css isn't fully downloaded.

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    You can set Firefox to use a default CSS as well.

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