Thread: yahoo msngr VOIP ver7.0 beta

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    yahoo msngr VOIP ver7.0 beta

    i am using yahoo msngr 7.0 beta has got a computer call feature(VOIP) thru a microphn.
    i use proxy settings to get connected.when it asks for the settings i go for http proxy(the other option is SOCKS).
    but when i make an attempt to call another computer it says i am behind a firewell(which i m not..neither is my proxy server).is it due to a proxy setting or its smthng else?i went for the help pages but cudnt find nethng helpful.

    thanx in advance

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    Use the tech forum

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    Good luck finding support from yahoo, its beta.
    Your proxy probably doesn't allow the forwarding of the ports requires. Or something.

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