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    Google's Summer of Code...

    4500$ for students to program open-source stuff.

    Information at:

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    Interesting... Let's give this some thought!
    Any opinions on the event? Who of you will participate?

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    It seems great, but there are a few issues I have with it.

    1. Everyone seems to want you to program in their exotic scripting language. Doesn't anyone program "properly" any more?

    2. Unless you've actually looked at the CVSes for these projects, you're wasting your time. It'll take you a month or two just to figure out what does what.

    3. The Linux bias. Okay, so it's always gonna be there, but when you're offering money to such a broad demographic, wouldn't it help to throw in a few Win32 opportunities that don't involve playing around with a widget toolkit? Microsoft already wrote the best one for that OS, it's called "the API".

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    I wish I had the time this summer. I think it's a great move by Google. It'd be nice if Universities followed suit.

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    This interests me a lot.

    What kind of oringinal ideas can we use? I mean, what types of projects can I make on my own? As others have said, I don't really feel up to the task of learning some other scripting lang or whatever, but would like to do some stuff with C/C++ and maybe get some cash for it. I actually have an internship at a software security company, I bet if I talk to some of my mentor ppl there they could have some ideas.
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