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    QT or C#

    I am going to learn one of these two lanuguages.
    So what is yours recomendations.

    Who is more mighty.
    Who is easyer to learn.

    I know that QT code works on linux and Windows is the same thing with C#?

    Oh I almost forgot.
    Basic is GUI from these two languages.
    Who is better for GUI?

    I wanna programming on Linux but I wanna that also I can the same code come into Win compile it and see also same GUI app on screen.
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    Qt isn't a language (that I know of). It's a cross platform GUI library for C++. It's a very pleasant and powerful library to work with, from my experience.
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    I think you'll find C# easier and more pleasant to Qt because Qt is just a framework for C++, meaning you have to use C++. Also C# uses GTK+ on Linux (under Mono) so it is just as portable. But I'm biased.

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