Thread: Where can I get a program like this?

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    Where can I get a program like this?


    I am looking for a program that will allow my to monitor what people are doing at work? Such as: What websites they have visited, and what programs they have opened.

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    If you are talking about internet surf monitoring, then you could get a packet sniffer, and watch all packets going back and forth. To find out EVERYTHING someone is doing, you can install a webcam behind them, just keep it hidden.
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    I believe VNC does that. Have you told the people you're going to be watching that you are planning to use such software. Invasion of privacy springs into my head.

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    Be careful and consult your legal department. Spying on employees without their knowledge is illegal in some countries.

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    That is true. It is usually required that you post a disclaimer at login that states that their activity is being monitored and the terms of use. Like... no surfing for porn (of course better phrased than that)... or whatever.

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    you may want to look into a program called alteris... they had it at my highschool, and it lets you see a lot of screens at once, and even control one at a time, but the user will generally know when you are controlling their computer due to a flashing green light on the taskbar. it can be shut down, but that requires a special process viewer program on computers running 95/98/ME

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    The main goal of this program is to find out what people are opening as there e-mail. So I will be able to find out if it was infected with a virus. The employees will know that this program is running on the computer. But I don't want them to be able to shut it off.

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    For general web monitoring / IP sharing I use Wingate / GateKeeper.

    Works OK. Gives current location and total downloads.

    Will not stop a 'muppet' opening a virus though.
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    Load anti-virus software on their machines and set the software to update itself automatically from the net. For added security, have all incoming traffic routed through a firewall with virus detection/quarantineing facilities. No need to snoop, illegal in many places as has been said already, and in any case demoralising to staff to think they are being spied on.
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