Thread: Tutorial for making better computer graphics?

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    Tutorial for making better computer graphics?

    Not displaying them with code, actually drawing them. I'm pretty good at drawing on pencil and paper, but no matter how much I practice I can't get any better at drawing graphics for my games. All I want is to make simple graphics like Commander Keen had. Not realistic just nice looking. There are plenty of hand drawing tutorials, is there any for computer drawing? I don't really understand what makes it so different and so much harder to me.

    My searches have found nothing but tutorials about programming, advanced photoshop techniques, or 3D graphics.

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    First off, open paint. Add pixels as you see desired. Add as texture for new uber 1337 console remake of doom.

    Find a nice program that fits you well and keep messing with it. It just takes practice.

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    Get a drawing pad for the computer.

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    try doing a search on, maybe you'll find something

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