Thread: Can you escape ...

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    Can you escape ...

    Something to keep you amused... can you escape from the Crimson Room?
    When all else fails, read the instructions.
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    This one's pretty quick, but I never beat the sequel to it. I think it was the green room or something.

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    Theres a blue room now also. Actually these are pretty old in terms of internet time.

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    pretty easy, took about 5 mins

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    You pretty much have to have a walkthrough to beat the second one. There is just too much about it that is non-intuitive. I liked the first one though.

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    Yeah. The second one is crazy. I don't know how people beat those on their own. Same with the blue room.

    On the first on, the battery was kind of hard to find, and the projector movie was way too long.

    I like how you can draw on the money in the Blue Room, though :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by trippeer
    ... There is just too much about it that is non-intuitive. ...
    So true, I just randomly clicked my mouse 'till drop, no clue which part is explorable.
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    My number wouldn't work for the safe...

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    >> My number wouldn't work for the safe... <<

    I had the same problem. Apparently, you have to reload the game and start again. I couldn't be bothered...

    >> So true, I just randomly clicked my mouse 'till drop, no clue which part is explorable. <<

    Try the TAB key. Does this qualify as cheating?

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    I hate these boards. Three of us developers at work spent the entire afternoon playing this game. But the jokes on them - I'm salaried (so I get paid anyway) while they're contractors (so they wanted an afternoon)!

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    That series is so stupid and boring (crimson , vardian and blue). You just keep clicking everywhere and hope that something will show up.
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    Or if you're like me, keep hitting tab until you find everything

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