Thread: any good books for windows programming with C++?

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    any good books for windows programming with C++?


    i bought a book named "Visual C++.Net" issued by Microsoft, but i found it is abit hard for newbie like me, my goal is to learn a little on windows programming with C++, i'd appreciate ur guys suggest any tutos or books for starters like me on this topic, tks.
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    Lookup "Programming Windows" by Charles Petzold (I think thats what it's called). You won't find a better guide to the Win32 API. It's not really C++, more like C, but it'll learn you all you need to know to get using it.

    But you may as well learn to create windows apps in Assembly. The Win32 API is no longer the best way to create Windows applications, for this I would reccomend .NET. It's great if you really really want to understand whats happening beneath the hood, but if you actually want to get work done, it's not the best solution in most cases.

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