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    Help With finding a compiler


    right now im at school..At home I have the xcode compiler..however at school there arnt any compilers availible at all..Ive asked my teacher if I could get a compiler on my system..and He replyed..
    No..if I put it on your system then everybody would want apps on theirs!

    So ive found a way of getting through the download resitrictions - Yes thats right..were not even aloud to download anything..basically I can access and download files through an FTP. Then copy and paste the individual files/folders.

    I was wondering if somebody could please reply with a link for a compiler on an FTP...(pref a decent compiler)

    I dont want to look as if im doing something just fustraded about not being able to compile apps at school in my free periods!

    Thanx For anybodys help in advanced

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    I would suggest you not break the download restriction. I believe the punishment at my school is a six weeks suspension from the computer, and probably a couple of detentions thrown in.

    I would talk to the adminstrator and tell him the reasons for letting you download it. IF he gives permission (which he probably won't), then I would recommend Dev-C++.

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    Is this H.S or college? and where is this school? I mean in the university i go to we can do everything, hell ive caught a lot of students looking at porn while walking around the library to find somewhere to sit. Also on those computers and the labs, students install IM programs like AIM,MSN etc, some even install P2P programs and some even install their games. In fact a few days ago this kid next to me in the lab was playing WoW(World of Warcraft). Anyway to get to the point, any applications, being compilers from Java to VB to C++, or graphics programs to HTML editors to math apps and statistics apps etc all are installed in every machine around the campus.

    What you can do is to go to the CS department and ask them why you are being taught a language without having the tools to even experiment or write code or something. They should atleast install a compiler in a lab or get your class in a lab that has one installed.
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    damn double post!

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    I dont know what you guys over in the USA call it..
    Im in 6th Form (UK School) and im 17.

    Im not in university or we have tons of restrictions!

    Im gonna ask the admins..however they r kinda di*ks....they are extremely arrogent (spell) .. and act as if they dont have any time for you!...

    neways..i think im just gonna bring my powerbook in..
    mucho betta!


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