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    Some informal guidelines to discover if an ethical dilemma exists

    1. Shushers. Are there these people who recognize unethical action but mistakenly feel it just justified if kept secret?

    2. The Mom Test. Would you tell your mother what you did? Would you like it if your mother did what you did? This test simply discovers wheter you would be proud or ashamed of an action.

    3. The TV Test. How would you feel if you saw your situation described on TV or in the New York Times? Would the story make you look good or bad? How would the millions of viewers or readers react?

    4. The Market Test. If a situation passes the Market Test, it is more likely to be ethical. Would you use your behavior as a marketing tool? In other words, would publicizing your action reap praise or criticism?

    5. The Smell Test. Does the situation "smell"? Do you just feel in your bones that there's a problem, but you can't pin down?
    Source: "Ethical Decision Making and Information Technology: An Introduction with Cases." Ernest A Kalman, John P. Grillo
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    source: compsci textbooks,, world wide web, common sense

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