Thread: Printer is on a DB25, not a DB9!!

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    Printer is on a DB25, not a DB9!!

    Man these quizes need to get cleaned up, but it's good that some of them are false so I know I'm actually thinking about the question lol.

    So the question goes like this:
    2 . A parallel port (LPT2) will have what type of connector?
         A. DB9-F
         B. DB25-M
         C. RJ-45
         D. USB
    I guessed B, but it's A??

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    Most printers are either on 25 pin or USB.

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    The website says the answer is A, but there are no printers that I know of that have 9-pin serial connections, at least no printers that are mainstream anyways. Oh my jeez (the bold are the supposidly correct answers):

    3 . What connector on a network card is associated with a 10BASE2 cable?
    A. RJ11
    B. BNC
    C. RJ45
    D. DB25

    4 . A male DB-25 port is most likely a:
    A. Network port
    B. Serial port
    C. Parallel port
    D. Game port

    I think 3 is C and 4 is C.....


    I'm starting to think a DB25 male is a serial connector and a DB25 female is parallel...but that doesn't make any sense, they both should be called their pin names.

    6. Which of the following is a parallel port connector?
    A. 25 pin male
    B. 25 pin female
    C. BNC
    D. RJ-11


    Oohhh I'm starting to get this, 3 and 4 are false, my answers are correct. #6 is false too, the connector wire end is a male connector. The port is female.
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    There are 25-pin serial connectors, but I've never heard of 9-pin parallel connectors.
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