Thread: Need suggestions for common C++ functions/macros/etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunter2
    I vote for .txt

    .dat you n00b.
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    To those who wanted macro functionality, it's now implimented (Un-intuitive, but it exists). I havn't edited any "pre-defined" C++ functions yet, but I'm going to be putting in File I/O and Memory allocation / deallocation, as well as any other (good) ideas tossed my way.

    To create a new macro, place the title on the first line, place macro below. Such as,

    File I/O
    std::fstream iFile(filename, std::ios::in);
    // Do stuff here.
    To delete a macro, type the position of the macro in the "Macros" menu dropdown in the edit box by itself, then select 'delete macro'. Yes, I am FULLY aware that this is clunky and akward, and it is going to get changed very quickly. I just wanted this to be useful as-is, and considering that adding/deleting macros is a single-time operation for each macro, I figured this interface was "ok" for the moment.

    Anyway, the example:

    --File I/O
    --New Class

    Will remove "File I/O" from the menu.

    Both operations require a program restart to take effect.

    As always, comments welcome.

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