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    Today our teacher taught us how to send anonymous emails. Then someone yelled and said "Lets send an email to the CS department, and use the email of one of the teachers"

    Our teacher jumped up, he was like.. "No no pranks, they will start an investigation and then we all would be locked up"

    The he made us raise our right hand and promise we wont use it for anything bad.
    When no one helps you out. Call google();

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    I don't know if you're joking or telling the truth, but either way that's really dumb.

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    Nice joke an' all, but I seriously think Google Gulp would be a smart move (Although not with that name). Think about it, even if they just sold it in the US... all those IT staff, programmers, admins on a hot day when the air-con's broken down again, they waddle over to the vending machine and look! It's Google! In liquid refreshment form!

    The Coca-Cola Company, Nestlé, or whatever other company that supplies beverages to that cursed kind would be in serious trouble.

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