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    Getting a job...

    Umm.. maybe this isn't the right place.. but is it possible for a 16 year old boy with basic programming knowledge (C++, VB, ASP, PHP, Javascript, Vbscript, HTML, CSS, MySQL) to get a job for summer?

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    I doubt it. Unless you know someone specifically, no one is going to hire a programmer that young, especially without experience or a portfolio.

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    I'm in college, and I'm an intern for this spring and summer, so trust me when I say that you're better off enjoying the few summers you have left to yourself.

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    Yeah, but if he's going to work, it might as well be something he'll enjoy, right? It's worth the effort to try.

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    Well it depends, over the internet you can find contract-type jobs. I know I did find a couple, but... you have to prove to be reliable Its definately possible to get one, just show your maturity in getting work done and a good resume and you definately have a chance as for just a sit-down in the office job I don't know.

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    There might be some program for high school students in your area. There's a science apprentiship program for 9-11 grade that's fairly close to where I live that I applied for, and quite a few of the positions involve programming or computer science. Not technically a paid position, but you get $1000 to offset the expenses, and it would be a good experience.

    It might be too late to apply for something like that, though. You could always ask a science or math teacher if there's anything like that around.
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