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    Exclamation History of Computers

    It is time that I reveal the truth about computers, go to
    I aplogize in advance for the Geocities web page.

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    What the heck is wrong with a Geocities webpage?
    I have a geocities webpage.
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    I have a geocities site too. It gives 15Mb (more than I need right now) and has great performance (very rarely is the site down).

    The only pain in the neck is the ads that always appear in the top right corner - but a small price to pay for what you get.

    Thats probably why they have so many hostings.

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    The only thing wrong with geocities and other free webspace providers is the hideous amounts of advertising and popups. Cheap space and even free sometimes is available from some hosts.
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    Tripod is better for large site hosting (50Mb!), although GeoCities is okay for small stuff.

    Very funny read anyhow, if somewhat disturbing.

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