Thread: So you want to learn about the web?

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    So you want to learn about the web?

    Well so do I. I have had some experience with servers, webpages, lots o html, some Js, some Perl, some Java, networks, C++ of course, and more.

    I have one commercial website and two personal ones. I have been testing that 3d chat program and have been getting mixed opinions. ( if you haven't seen it yet)

    Why am I telling you all this? Because I am looking for volunteers with money. (not a lot of money)

    I am looking for 3-4 people that would be willing to split the cost of a webspace (not that expensive) and a domain name (really not that expensive)?

    We would need a server with a lot of perks that allows us to do a lot.

    I would prefer people with around the same, to more experience than me. They should demonstrate responsibility and maturity (many of you mods already have--hint hint).

    If you are interested send me an email

    stating the following


    What you know or have done (or both)?

    Some ideas on the direction we should go with the overall site (note the entire site will be computers related).

    Why I should pick you?

    And anything else you can come up with that will put you over the edge. (business experience, search engine submittal exper, etc)


    Also, note that I plan to heavily support with this intended site.
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    So what exactly do you want to do with your domain and web space?
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    That is pretty much open at this point. It wouldn't be my domain and webspace... it would be 'our' domain and webspace. So we would need to discuss it.

    It would be computer related. (like I might do a section on networking, and somebody else would do a section of JAVA). It all depends on what is brought to the table.

    Physically, I think the site should be done with style sheets so that the general layout is the same. But I am not extremely proficient in style sheets. One of you may be.

    That would could be a contribution that one of you would give to the group.

    So their are two paths... general knowlege and webpage making/implementing knowlege.

    The rest would have to be figured out in discussion amongst group members.

    We could jump in a chat and figure out what we want to do to share the things we know with eachother and with the world.

    I am just trying organize a creative group that can act as its own think-tank. I do not want to set policy on what we do, or how we do it. I need ideas too... but first we need to form a committed group.

    So if you (anyone) want to be in on it... kick me a brief email as to what you know and what you would do. The best ones get in... if there are only three or four... then all get in.
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