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    Quote Originally Posted by PING
    that ought to be sexy..i can only imagine such speeds as i dont think that such fast stuff is going to be available in this part of the world in the coming few years atleast.. btw, how much do you pay for the connection?? are there any download limits as such?
    Since you pay to go to the university, you usually don't have to pay extra for the connection. Some places tack on a small fee to the other charges, but it doesn't amount to much. My school didn't have any limits on downloads, but I do know that some places have implemented restrictions on people who download or upload lots.

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    Yeah, what govt said, and no there are no restrictions.
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    I'm behind shool network, too, and since the "sasser incident" and the like, I couldn't get access to my cPanel (web server admin panel), and has to login to network every 8 hrs. No P2P either, nor online gaming.
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    No P2P either, nor online gaming.
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    Yeah, what govt said, and no there are no restrictions
    its nice that you dont have any download, we get schemes with high speeds like 256 kbps, but they have a download limit of something like 1GB per month..that really me off..
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    If you are living in a bigger city in Germany, you can get DSL 3MBit down, 512K up for ~50/Month ( ~60$ ? ). This includes ISDN telephone basic costs. No limits concerning size or online time, but you don't have a static IP, so you get disconnected every 24h if you did not disconnect yourself in the last 24h.

    I don't do any P2P save from downloading FH ( BF Mod ) versions and WoW updates. Both are BitTorrent and something like start when I go to bed, done when I wake. From straight download sites I get up to 300K downstream which is to be expected. If it's slower, it's the site.

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    hey govt, comcast just increased their service by 2MB's bout 2 weeks ago so you should have seen a fairly large increase recently.

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